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State Enterprises

The following State Enterprises fall under the portfolio of Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI):

Wholly Owned Enterprises

Majority Owned Enterprises

  • Alutrint Limited
  • Powergen
  • Trinidad Nitrogen Company Limited

Minority Owned Enterprises

  • Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
  • Alutech Limited
  • Eastern Caribbean Gas Pipeline Company Limited
  • Trinidad and Tobago Marine Petroleum Company Limited

Indirectly Owned Enterprises

  • La Brea Industrial Development Corporation Limited
  • National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago
  • National Enterprises Limited
  • NATPET Investment Company Limited
  • NGC E&P Investments Limited
  • NGC E&P Investments (Barbados) Limited
  • NGC CNG Company Limited
  • NGC NGL Company Limited
  • NGC Petrochemicals Limited
  • NGC Pipeline Company Limited
  • NGC Trinidad and Tobago LNG Limited
  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited
  • Trinidad and Tobago LNG Limited
  • Trinidad and Tobago NGL Limited
  • TRINMAR Limited
  • TRINTOC Services
  • Trinidad Generation Unlimited