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Trinidad and Tobago Competitive Bid Round 2018

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries will be launching a Competitive Bid Round in 2018. Stakeholders are invited to partner with us to explore for crude oil and natural gas in Trinidad and Tobago.


The acreage to be offered for competitive bidding are shown on the map below :

Trinidad and Tobago Competitive Bid Rounds 2018 Map

Further information on offered blocks:

East Coast Marine Area

North Coast Marine Area

West Coast and Onshore

Virtual Data Room

Offshore & Onshore Activity Map 2018

Region Overlays

Competitive Bid Round 2018 Data Package Listing


For more information contact:

Penelope Bradshaw-Niles
Permanent Secretary (Ag.)
(868) 225-4334 ext. 2609

Andra Francis-Nicholas
Senior Geophysicist (Ag.)
(868) 225-4334 ext. 2369

Kimberlee London
Senior Geologist (Ag.)
(868) 225-4334 ext. 2360

Louise Poy Wing
Senior State Counsel
(868) 225-4334 ext. 2552