2020 Deep Water Competitive Bid Round

2020 Deep Water Competitive Bid Round

The 2020 Deep Water Competitive Bid Round is now carded to be launched at the end of 2021.

A Virtual Data Room for the Trinidad and Tobago 2020 Deep Water Competitive Bid Round can be accessed via the following link https://ttdeepwaterbid2020.com. Follow the instructions on the website to access the room.

Seismic data over Blocks 25a, 25b, 26 and 27 are available, “Free to Download” via the Virtual Data Room.

To access the “Free to Download” data, please see guidelines below:

  1. Fill out the Data Request form found on the site and send to kdube@energy.gov.tt;
  2. Review, sign and submit the Data Use Agreement; and
  3. Access the “Free to Download” data.

Information on our deep water acreage can be found at 2020 DWBR History and 2020 DWBR Data. Additionally, please see the presentation below:

Trinidad and Tobago Deepwater Competitive Bid Round 2020

We appreciate any feedback you may have and invite you to contact us to discuss. Questions regarding any aspect of our 2020 Deep Water Competitive Bidding Round can be sent via email to bidround2020@energy.gov.tt or the Ministry’s staff can be contacted as follows:

Kimberlee London
Senior Geologist (Ag.)
225-4EEI ext. 2360

Keon Dube
Senior Geophysicist (Ag.)
225-4EEI ext. 2371