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Functions of The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries

The Ministry operates a range of activities including:

  • Leasing and/or licensing of areas for petroleum exploration and production
  • Regulation and management of all oil and gas development activities
  • Regulation and management of upstream operations in oil refining activities
  • Administration of domestic marketing of petroleum products, natural gas transmission/sales, petrochemical manufacture and other natural gas based industries
  • Formulation and implementation of legal instruments for the petroleum industry
  • Acquisition, analysis and dissemination of both local and international petroleum information
  • Sharing responsibility with the Ministry of Finance for the collection of petroleum revenues accruing to the State
  • Representation of the interests of Trinidad and Tobago at international petroleum fora and institutions
  • Long term planning, development and implementation of policy initiatives in the petroleum sector.
  • Sharing of the management of the State’s interests and assets in the oil and gas industry
  • Sharing responsibility for the administration and management of the minerals sector.