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Gas-Based Industries in Trinidad and Tobago

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago continues to foster private sector participation, both local and foreign, as an essential part of its strategy to monetize the country’s petroleum resources.

In 2014, the major Gas Based Industrial Plants in T&T are as follows:

  • 1   Natural Gas Liquids Processing Facility
  • 4   LNG Trains
  • 10 Ammonia Plants (not including the AUM Ammonia plant)
  • 1 AUM ( Ammonia -Urea  Ammonium Nitrate -Melamine) Complex
  • 7   Methanol Plants
  • 1   Urea Plant (not including the AUM Urea plant)
  • 4   DRI Modules
  • 6 Power Generation sites

Also, there are over 120 light industrial and commercial customers of gas.

In 2013, ALNG was the main user of natural gas, accounting for some 57% of the total utilisation of natural gas in that year.  Most of the gas received by ALNG is utilized in the production of LNG, while some natural gas liquids are also produced at the plant and transported along a pipeline to PPGPL for separation into propane, butane and natural gasoline.

In addition to LNG, natural gas is also used as feedstock for a variety of processes eg. petrochemical manufacturing and metals refining, and as fuel for both heavy industries and electricity generation.  In 2013 NGC sold gas on the domestic market mainly to the ammonia manufacturing sector (14%) and the methanol manufacturing sector (14%), the power generation sector (8%) and the Iron and Steel sector (3%).   Figure 1 below shows the major gas utilisation by sector for 2013.

Gas utilization by sector

Figure 1 : Gas Utilisation by Sector in Trinidad and Tobago during 2013