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At present, there are approximately ninety (90) active mining operations (both public and private), where forty-five (45) of these are sand and gravel quarries. In Tobago the primary material quarried is andesite. For the year 2013, local aggregate production was estimated at just above six million cubic yards.  It is noted that quarrying activities have adversely affected the forests, wild life sanctuaries, water courses and communities.

The minerals that are quarried are primarily sedimentary in origin. Blue coloured limestone and sharp sand and gravel of various grades are quarried in the Northern Range for use in the construction industry. Plastering sand, or red sand, is quarried in central Trinidad and used as a low grade fill material and as a construction finishing material. Yellow- coloured limestone is quarried in the south central portion of Trinidad. Clay is extracted from the central and south eastern areas of Trinidad and primarily used in the manufacture of blocks, tiles and pottery.

Oil sand and asphalt are quarried in south western Trinidad. They are used as road paving material. Argillite is found in south Trinidad. Porcellanite is also extracted from the extreme southern areas of Trinidad and used as an alternative to Portland cement and as low grade road base material.