About Us

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Brief overview:

The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Unit over the years has transitioned from a Draughting Department to a functional and efficient GIS Unit. The officers possess varying skillsets that enhance the capabilities and versatility of the Unit. These officers are certified in the practice of GIS and so are more than competent to meet the needs of the Ministry and beyond.

Roles and responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities are directly linked to the Mission and the Vision of the Unit, which the officers strive to uphold.

The Mission:

To be the principal source of all spatial data that relates to the Energy and Mineral Sector, making it accessible to guide and inform the decision makers.

The Vision:

To create, analyze and manage new, current and old spatial data, from which GIS-based maps are created for but not restricted to, the energy and mineral sectors.


The unit is responsible for continuously updating the Upstream Activity Map, so as to inform the stakeholders and the public about the energy assets.

Additionally, the Unit assists the various energy professionals both internally and externally by performing spatial analysis and database queries on the GIS data to aid in decision making related to energy assets that are geographical in nature.