About Us




The library serves the Ministry’s staff which covers a wide range of disciplines including petroleum, chemical, mechanical engineers, petroleum inspectors, energy analysts and economists, administrators, geologists, geophysicists, accountants, legal officers and their support staff. As a special library therefore, its collection reflects these varied subject areas. A branch library which caters to the specific needs of the Health, Safety and Environment section is located in the San Fernando office. The library is also available for use by the general public which mainly includes teachers and students at all levels, personnel of the oil, gas, petrochemical and service companies and their affiliates.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Direct provision of information services
  2. Selection, acquisition and processing of documents
  3. Selective dissemination of information
  4. Processing of bibliographic information contained in the computerized database for the production of indexes and bibliographies and for the publication of a news-letter
  5. Repository for the relevant documents and audio visual
  6. Responsible for all activities related to its role as the National Focal point of the Caribbean Energy Information Systems (CEIS)