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World Energy Cities Partnership

What is the WECP?

Established in 1995, the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) is a non-profit organization whose members are globally recognized as international energy capitals. These member cities actively seek and develop opportunities to learn, exchange and engage in activities to the mutual benefit of the partnership. WECP is bound by a co-operative agreement signed by the Mayors of each city, who serve as board members, is directed by an elected President and Vice-President, and supported by a Secretariat office, which is based in Houston, USA.

WECP provides a worldwide network of industry support services and resources, and serves to facilitate business-to-business interaction, the sharing of industry knowledge, contacts and experiences, and partnerships in energy-related activities. The organization facilitates trade missions for local businesses to travel to member cities and capitalize on business development opportunities. WECP strives to continuously increase the stream of information flowing between its member cities.

This unique partnership enables exchange beyond the energy industry and the exploration of opportunities for mutual development in a variety of strategic areas such as energy-related technology, education, food processing and marketing, environmental technology, medicine and bio-science, and tourism development. Additionally, WECP is the only organization that requires municipal government linkage, which advantageously allows for exchange of best practices in city administration and development opportunities.


How is Trinidad and Tobago involved in the WECP?

San Fernando joined the WECP in May 2004 and hosted the Annual General Meeting in November of that same year. Both events provided the City with opportunities to profile and promote the several benefits that doing business in Trinidad and Tobago can offer. San Fernando has also served as Vice-President of the board in 2010 and 2011.

San Fernando, a world energy city and the energy capital of Trinidad and Tobago, is strategically located in the middle of the industrial ribbon that runs along the south-western coast of Trinidad. The City has been an integral part of the country’s oil history and is expected to play a major role in the continuing development of the energy sector. The City’s stable leadership and well-established economic track record complement its young and productive work force making it the ideal location for investors.

What are the benefits to San Fernando being a member of the WECP?

  • Serving as the primary medium for energy-related international business development, WECP has a wealth of benefits and accomplishments.
  • Exposure through participation promotes economic growth in member cities and provides global recognition as an “energy city”
  • Member cities of developing nations receive valuable information, key contacts and support
  • WECP cultivates international business development and trade opportunities worldwide
  • Reach of city promotion and business opportunities in various sectors is expanded for member cities
  • The website, which is currently being redesigned, will create an easy-to-use open forum for the greater exchange of industry knowledge and information and ease the difficulty of communication around the world
  • Through the website, WECP connects interested businesses and individuals with the respective member cities and provide an extensive network of contacts
  • WECP is engaged in raising standards around the world, particularly in health and safety, information, communication technology and oil and gas disciplinary competence
  • Businesses are engaged to support WECP initiatives, provide ideas and feedback, foster resources and promote the organization
  • Member cities collaborate to engage businesses in global expansion, education and partnerships for mutual economic advancement
  • Member cities are actively engaged in timely issues, such as greenhouse gas emission reductions and sustainable energy sources
  • Working Meetings act as a forum for discussion of important global initiatives and spark the creation of focus groups and taskforces
  • WECP facilitates trade missions for local businesses, and therefore works to attract potential business to member cities and advertise opportunities
  • Mayoral and municipal officer participation enhances global government relations and exchange of public sector best practices
  • Participation promotes to the oil and gas industry that a suitable climate exists within the member cities for international investment and foreign workers
  • WECP helps to establish relationships with communities, chambers of commerce and government entities to work towards partnership and unification of objectives