For Investors

Data Viewing

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Data Room of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs to view well and seismic data related to open acreage, including data within the upcoming Competitive Bid Round. The Data Room is located at Level 23 of the offices of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, International Waterfront Centre, Tower C, Port of Spain and viewing can be arranged between 8am to 4pm by appointment.

The Data Room can comfortably accommodate about four individuals, although there is no restriction on the numbers at any one time. It is equipped with a dual monitor workstation running Landmark’s Seisworks and Stratworks software and this can be used to examine available well and seismic surveys. The quantity and quality of data will vary by acreage and is determined by several factors including past exploration, proximity to producing blocks and legal data requirements. Every effort will be made to ensure that a representative and current dataset is available for viewing.

Once an appointment is made, companies and their legal representative (employees, consultants, etc.) are required to agree to a Data Use Agreement that governs usage of the data while in the Data Room. Visitors are also expected to abide by the guidelines set for the Data Room.