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Techno-Stratigraphy Overview

A detailed technical review was carried out in collaboration with Dynamic Global Advisors of Houston. The technical aspect involved a two-phase study towards understanding the overall tectono-stratigraphic framework of the Deep Atlantic Area and its related petroleum system.

The first phase is entitled “A New Look at Eastern Deepwater Trinidad; Seismic Interpretation and Exploration Potential” and is based on the re-interpretation of reprocessed regional 2D seismic lines (CaribeSPAN) first acquired by GX Technologies (now ION). The study is one of the most detailed and up-to-date geologic analysis of this frontier basin and critically reviews the expected play concepts, including a comparison with established deep water plays in Nigeria and Gulf of Mexico. Further details can be obtained directly from Dynamic Global Advisors or the contacts listed at the end of this page.

The second phase of the study is entitled “Basin to Leads – Risks and Reserves: Exploration Potential of the Trinidad and Tobago Deep Atlantic” and was carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs in collaboration with Dynamic Global Advisors. It builds on the framework established in the first phase and goes into specific details on aspects of the petroleum system, including basin modelling, reservoir characterization, pore pressure modelling and prediction (using seismic and well data), establishing characteristic leads, reserve and risk assessment and producibility.

View the scope of the project and a synopsis of the results.

There are other acreage enhancement studies that were undertaken on a speculative basis by several independent consultants that provide further insights into the Deep Atlantic area from several different perspectives. A piston core survey of the area was undertaken by TDI Brooks International ( in 2003 and details the presence of live thermogenic hydrocarbons over the acreage while Spectrum has reprocessed the original TTDAA regional 2D survey lines shot in 2004.