Existing Functions

The Minerals Act, Chp. 61:03, governs the Minerals Sector in Trinidad and Tobago. As provided for under the said Minerals Act, the Minister is responsible for the general administration of the Act, and the Director of Minerals is responsible for the implementation of the Act. The Permanent Secretary serves as Chairman, and the Director serves as Deputy Chairman, of the Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC).


The functions of the Director of Minerals as mandated in the Minerals Act, Chp. 61:03 include inter alia: Promoting and facilitating the effective and efficient management and development of mineral resources in general and the State mineral resources in particular. The Director of Minerals delegates his functions and duties to the staff of the Minerals Division as he may deem fit.


Summary of Functions:

 1.      Exploration and Development Section:

  1. Exploration Surveys
  2. Minerals Management
  3. Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC) Secretariat
  4. Minerals Sub-Registry and Database Management
  5. Applications and Licences Processing


2.      Operations Section:

  1. Licence Monitoring
  2. Minerals Audit
  3. Enforcement of Act and Regulations


 Details of Functions:

 1.      Exploration and Development Section:

  1. Conduct geological and geophysical surveys with a view to locating deposits of mineral resources;
  2. Evaluate, collect, compile, analyse and publish data pertaining to the quality and quantity of mineral resources of Trinidad and Tobago with a view to determining their economic potential and use;
  3. Prepare reports, maps and other records, provide data and maintain registers in respect of licences and provide data to the public;
  4. Submit proposals to the Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC) for the establishment of mineral reserve blocks or mining zones for the proper regulation of mining activities on State and private lands in consultation with Town and Country Planning Department;
  5. Secretariat for the Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC);
  6. Other functions as required to give effect to Minerals Act and Regulations.


2.      Operations Section:

  1. Advise licencees on proper and safe mining methods;
  2. Enforce regulations and monitor operations of mining, processing and other mining related activities under the Act, to ensure compliance with the licence and the provision of the Act and Regulations;
  3. Advise the operator of mines, in consultation with relevant Ministries, on methods of rehabilitation of lands; Enforce rehabilitation of State lands affected by mining in consultation with relevant Ministries;
  4. Conduct annual audits on licencee firms and individuals for the purpose of verifying royalites and other payments and collecting production data;
  5. Terminate illegal mining and illegal mining related activities on both State and private lands;
  6. Other functions as required to give effect to Minerals Act and Regulations.


Existing Functions of the Minerals Advisory Committee:


The Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC) is an independent statutory committee established under the Minerals Act, Chp. 61:03, comprising the following members:


  1. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for mines (Chairman);
  2. Director of Minerals (Deputy Chairman);
  3. Commissioner of State Lands;
  4. Chief Technical Officer of the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure;
  5. A representative of the Town and Country Planning Department;
  6. Director of Forestry (now Conservator of Forests);
  7. A representative of the Water and Sewage Authority;
  8. A representative of the Environmental Management Authority;
  9. A legal officer of the Ministry responsible for mines;
  10. A representative of the Factories Inspectorate (now OSHA);
  11. A technical officer representing the Tobago House of Assembly;
  12. A representative of the Ministry of Finance; and
  13. A representative of the Ministry of Health.


The duties of the Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC), as listed in the said Minerals Act, Chp. 61:03 include:


  1. Advising the Minister on matters of general policy with respect to exploration, mining, processing, import and export of minerals and other minerals related matters;
  2. Receiving and considering applications for licences and making recommendations thereof to the Minister;
  3. Advising the Minister on the establishment of mining zones and the establishment of mining blocks therein;
  4. Advising the Minister on the quantum of performance and rehabilitation bonds;
  5. Advising the Minister on matters of the environment as they relate to mines;
  6. Reviewing the provisions of the Act and the Regulations from time to time and making recommendations to the Minister as may be considered necessary; and
  7. Advising the Minister on all such matters that may be referred to it.


The Minerals Advisory Committee (MAC) Secretariat performs the following functions for the working of the MAC:

  1. Receives and collates applications for exploration, mining, processing, import and export of minerals;
  2. Communicates with applicants who have submitted incomplete applications, and with applicants seeking information on the status of their applications;
  3. Prepares documents to be laid before the MAC for their consideration, recommendation and advice to the Minister;
  4. Coordinates meetings of the MAC and manages all correspondence to and from MAC members;
  5. Prepares meeting agendas and minutes of meetings of the MAC;
  6. Prepares all correspondence and dispatches to applicants and other agencies as required by the MAC; and
  7. Prepares draft notes to Cabinet based on MAC advice given to Minister.