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Infrastructural Development

Given the numerous proposals for new energy based projects and the current expansion of existing ones, the GORTT has decided as a matter of policy to undertake the development of major energy based infrastructure facilities.  In this regard, Government has undertaken to develop an industrial estate at Point Lisas South and East and on the Oropouche Bank.  These sites were chosen because they could be easily zoned for industrial purpose, affordable and guaranteed easily available, reliable supply of bulk utilities.  They are also close to areas with the potential to be developed into a deep-water harbour.

In addition, Government also proposes to develop industrial port facilities at Point Lisas South and East, Brighton and Galeota. The construction and/or expansion of the country’s port facilities will support the new industrial estates to be constructed in the southwest as well as petroleum exploration activities on the south east coast.

As part of the infrastructure expansion, there are several proposed gas pipeline projects such as the North East Offshore Project, the Tobago Pipeline Project, the Union Estate pipeline and the Petrotrin 4” pipeline.

These infrastructure developments will enable the GORTT to achieve a competitive business environment and develop the gas sector for the long term benefit of the citizens of the country.