Flow of Hydrocarbons from vessel has stopped

The hydrocarbon discharge emanating from the overturned vessel located off the coast of Cove, Tobago has stopped. This was confirmed by an underwater survey conducted by T&T Salvage/QT Environmental.

The team from T&T Salvage/QT Environmental indicated that the compartments of the vessel from which hydrocarbon was leaking are now filled with seawater above the leak point effectively blocking the flow of hydrocarbons.  The team is currently developing a plan to assess the remaining product on board and ultimately remove it.

With respect to the hydrocarbon recovery effort, two additional NOFI Current Busters and a Rapid Deployment Skimming System (RDSS) were deployed. The RDSS recovers concentrated hydrocarbons from the fluid collected using the NOFI Current Buster. This approach improves the efficiency of hydrocarbon recovery since it eliminates excessive waste handling due to seawater.

Regular overflights of the response are being conducted in partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard to provide insights to the on-water recovery of oil.

The technical staff at the MEEI continues to actively collaborate with T&T Salvage, QT Environmental, the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), the Occupational Safety and Health Authority and Agency (OSHA), Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard, Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and other stakeholders to progress containment and salvaging strategies.

Media Release-Flow of Hydrocarbon from vessel has stopped

Skimmer component of the Rapid Deployment Skimming System (RDSS).

The Rapid Deployment Skimming System (RDSS).